mf doom jewellery

Rhymes like dimes piece individually hand cut and carved for a MF Doom lovin’ friend.  The actual image was a piece of art / photo he got from the inter-webs, unknown.  I mixed it up, added the mic, and bits and pieces then got to work carving it out of the coin.  Took ages!


Rollright stone circle.


The trees in the background move through the four seasons at the stones.

I have just finished this commission and wanted to share it with you all. It was commissioned by a lovely customer(s) (Kirsty and family). They were married at the Rollright stones in 2000.

The piece includes their five children all playfully hiding behind the stones and many other meaningful details (including some secrets on the reverse) I hope you all like it… Especially you Kirsty !

Moon gazing together hares.

Moon gazing together hares. I have made this using a simple traditional hand saw and engraving tool. A lovely old, unwanted silver shilling was recycled as the ‘raw material’. You can find out more and watch a small film of it being made here : hairy growler


Recycled vintage spoon handcrafted into a wearable piece of jewellery


This lovely little pair of pendants are totally handcrafted and made completely from an recycled spoon. The sweet little wings are hand-cut from the ‘bowl’ of an old antique dessert spoon. The origins remain visible, the natural curve lending itself perfectly to the shape of the wings as they ‘waft’.

The two spoon butterfly wings are complimented by a lovely little star cut from an old out of circulation ‘thrupence’ coin.

100% Handcrafted & Recycled in Cambridge, UK

Size : approx 35 mm * 22 mm


Hand made and repurposed coin pendant – summer tweet

2013-20p-tweet-birdThis sweet little bird pendant has been hand cut and carved from an old coin. More pieces like this can be found on the new website.


Spring. Handmade and recycled silver tree necklace

Spring. Handmade and recycled silver tree necklace

Each springtime tree coin pendant i design and create is completely hand-cut with a traditional jewellers saw. This time consuming process allows both a closer connection with the piece that is being made and ultimately a more involved, intricate finished item.

A silver Florin was the choice material for the tree pendant.
Recycling these silver coins allows these original details to survive and become part of a conversation which promotes recycling and green living. Obviously it is important for the piece of jewellery to be desirable, wearable and beautiful!

Handcrafted and recycled in Cambridge, UK.

Size : Approx 28 mm diameter


The Gates of Moria – handmade and recycled from silver coins

The Gates of Moria - handmade and recycled from silver coins

I have always enjoyed the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and wanted to make these for years. I have used a couple of sterling silver 120 year old, very worn silver half crown coins. In the centre i have set a lovely amethyst stone. The reverse has a little secret detail too.

Speak friend and enter… Visit my website Hairy Growler to view more handcrafted and recycled jewellery. Each piece is individually handmade from recycled and upcycled raw materials